With Plustel you can get all the functionality of an on-site phone system with Plustel IP Telephony. Enjoy powerful phone features on the go, with compatible mobiles, tablets and laptops with IP Soft phones and Mobile UC Apps, or conduct multi-party video meetings on compatible devices with one dial in over our IP networks and the internet.

Plus you can enjoy the savings, reliability and performance advantages of integrating the Plustel IP network into your own framework.

IP Telephony doesn’t involve expensive equipment or excessive capital expenditure. Your options range from pre-packaged end-to-end solutions, through to completely customised and configurable solutions.

Business-Grade Reliability

Our IP Telephony solutions are delivered across the IP network. We use Class of Service prioritisation and management of voice quality. So your entire team can count on business-grade voice quality and reliability.

Enhanced Functionality

You can also simplify operation and management of your telephony systems when you switch to our IP Telephony. The advantages include:

  • Intuitive, desktop-based control for users
  • Simple, real-time administration for system managers
  • Flexibility for mobile and remote users
  • Multi-party video calls on compatible devices with a single dial in using the Plustel Virtual Online Meeting Room

A single phone system for every location

By having your telephony services delivered as a network-based solution, you avoid the cost of purchasing and installing a separate phone system for different locations.

Removing the need to manage equipment, capacity planning, licenses, integrator, vendor contracts, and separate voice and data operations can lead to significant ongoing savings.