Hanwha Techwin Solutions


See what Hanwha Techwin solution system can do for you.

Create a Standard Solution Using Hanwha Techwin Products

Hanwha Techwin maintains a variety of basic video surveillance product families and offers a mix-and-match type standard solution for the video surveillance market based on the individual needs of customers.

Hanwha Techwin’s Vertical Solution

Based on the order data of Sugar CRM, the global sales management software, four areas of sales with the greatest number of customer needs and highest revenue have been selected as the primary areas of vertical sales to establish specialized solutions.

 Standard SolutionFour Major Vertical Solution

The Strength of Hanwha Techwin’s Vertical Solution

With technological expertise spanning hardware manufacturing to software optimization, Hanwha Techwin is able to reliably offer vertical solutions through product reliability and systematic global services.

 Standard Solution

  1. 01 Technology Expert
    Core Technologies (Lens & SOC)
    End-to-End Total Solution
    Direct Production
  2. 02 Product Reliability
    Global High-Quality Products
    20+ Years of Know-How
    World-Class Certification Process
  3. 03 Global Service Infra
    5 Subsidiaries, 7 Branches, and 22 Offices
    Global Sales, Technical Support, and Partnerships
    Global Service Expertise

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